Principal's Message

Welcome to Katherine Edwards Middle School's website. It is a real honor to be your new principal. I am dedicated to making this school a place that is good for kids. In the future, you'll get a picture of our school and the wonderful things we do here. We all look forward to many more accomplishments. 


We make the following commitment: 


- We will not let students off the hook for failing to learn 

- We will make students do what is necessary to succeed 

- We will not give students the easy way out 

- We will give students extra time and support 


Our focus is on what students have learned. We will provide a variety of experiences that are well planned and articulated to give all students the opportunity to develop their skills to the fullest. I plan on working hard to add onto the great many successes at Edwards. I hope you will all join me.


I am solution oriented. I believe that everyone is part of making this school a good place for kids. Anyone can come in and address concerns and suggest solutions to make our school a place where children come first, a place where our students can succeed. With the assistance of parents, teachers, staff, and students, we provide a safe learning environment that promotes success in all curricular and extracurricular programs. 


Our goal is to prepare our students for success in a complex society. This requires dedication to being the best we can be. We provide a challenging curriculum based on the state standards, teachers who are dedicated to improving the profession and administrative staff that is focused on supporting the learning community. 


Andrew Alvidrez