Katherine Edwards Middle School


KEMS teachers truly give their all for our students. Our staff are dedicated to working together on a common curriculum so there is continuity between classrooms. They use this collaboration to plan lessons, dialogue, monitor student performance on assessments modify curriculum and communicate this progress to parents. We believe in trying to prevent problems rather than trying to fix them.

Teachers will consistently analyze the most recent assessment data to insure students are learning. They confer with colleagues regarding student progress and communicate this data with parents and administration. Teachers are required to meet bi-monthly for planning purposes to compare results, offer assistance to one another and to plan future lessons. Data is used to determine student needs and guide instruction. This allows us to provide students the appropriate time and support necessary for them to learn.


Here's how Edwards' teachers meet students needs:

21st Century Royals

At Edwards we are working with the new Common Core State Standards. The biggest part of incorporating these new standards is to assist in our efforts to build 21st Century ready students. We're focused on doing what is good for our kids and to help make them competitive in a global market place. Our 21st century goals are to create students who have the following skills:

  • Communication

    • Oral and written communication in all classes based on the CCSS

      Communicating ideas in order to explain the thought process
    • Multiple forms of communication
    • Respecting opinions
  • Collaboration

    • Cross Curricular teaming - students and teachers

    • Project based learning (PBL)

      • Multi Subject participation

      • PBL Day

      • Student collaboration using all forms of technology in a standards based learning environments, face to face… facetime.... inter-classroom, inter-school, inter-district, intra-district, intra-state

  • Creativity

    • Thinking outside the box (no canned answers or solutions)

    • Expressing ideas using multiple methods

    • The Skies the limit!!!!

  • Critical Thinking

    • Justify their thinking

    • Solving problems/finding solutions beyond rote

    • Applying multiple disciplines to developing responses/solutions

    • Solving conflicts using sound judgement

Intervention not Remediation:

  • All staff focus on what's best for our students by providing:
    • Content Rich Curriculum based on the State Standards
    • Effective Lessons
      • Clear Learning Objectives Posted Everyday
      • Teaching/Modeling/Demonstrating
      • Guided Practice
      • Checking for Understanding
      • Modifying Instruction and/or Reteaching if necessary 
    • Authentic Literacy/Writing
    • Providing personal support for students who need it, such as:

- Regular School Day Help

- ELA intervention classes

- ELD Classes

- Counseling Services with school counselors, psychologist and outside      


    • Adding interventions beyond the class period:

- 65 Minute Long 2nd period

- 7th Period for students in need

- Saturday School

- Lunchtime Homework Help

- Homework Club