ART-Art is the HeART of Edwards Middle School. The artistic mission is to work in partnership with students, parents, the school, WCSD, and the community to ensure learning and artistic opportunities are available to every student, so they can reach their optimum potential and have a positive impact on the global society. The Art Program is a clearly distinguished program as soon as you step foot on campus, with Common Core Standards and STEM as a focus, as well as creating lifelong learners in the 21st century.  Utilizing state-of-the-art-technology and hands-on-learning, artists create projects that are displayed with pride in the community.  Artists develop skills in line design and color theory as they study artists. In addition, students design and create their own unique sculpture out of paper mache´, gaining skill in design, painting, critique, and collaboration. Students pop into pop-art as they utilize iPads, math templates, and technology to create their own interpretation of a pop art piece, and then work in a group to design a large icon collaborative pop art painting.  Utilizing the skills learned throughout the year, students would then create wood work  to create a mural masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression in the community!   There are many Art shows throughout the year that recognize the artists  for their accomplishments, both on site and within the community!